John B. Zachry

John B. Zachry

West Point GA 


Special Interests:  Space Exploration and Satellite Tracking

AAS:   Are you a seasoned amateur astronomer or just getting into the hobby?

JBZ:   Seasoned amateur

AAS:   What was your first experience that attracted you to astronomy?

JBZ:    Science Fiction movies I saw as child such as "When Worlds Collide",  "Rocetship X-M", "Conquest of Space", "Destination Moon", "This Island Earth".

AAS:   How about your family members; spouse? kids? significant other?

JBZ:     Father deceased, Mother - retired, Brother - Alfred F. Zachry, Attorney at Law, Me - single, no kids.

AAS:   Can you tell us a little about your formal education?

JBZ:    Presbyterian College 1960-1964, Medical College of Georgia 1964-1968 (withdrew in Junior year), University of Georgia School of Pharmacy 1968-1971 (Rho Chi Honor Society).

AAS:   Do you have any pets?

JBZ:     Not at present. Love to keep Shih Tsu ("Muffin") for friend when she is out of town.

AAS:   Where do you work? If you're retired, what was your occupation?

JBZ:     Retired hospital pharmacist.

AAS:   What are your other hobbies?

JBZ:     Grow lemon and orange trees outside. Real challenge. Largest 15 feet high, trunk 5 inches in diameter killed by sudden freeze before I could cover up.

AAS:   What was your first or favorite car?

JBZ:    First car - 1962 Volvo 544 sedan (Made on purpose to look like 3/4 scale 1946 Ford), Favorite car - 2001 Mercedes Benz,  C 240 Sedan.

AAS:   What was your first "real" job?

JBZ:     Working for father's highway paving company (Valley Construction Co) - helping unload trainloads of sand.  Fun!

AAS:   Tell us about your favorite vacation.

JBZ:     Air & Space Museum in Washiungton D.C.

AAS:   Have you ever lived in some other part of the country or another country?

JBZ:    Nothing exciting - Rome, GA, Clinton, S.C., Augusta, GA, Athens, GA, Columbus, GA, Warner Robins, GA, Huntsville, AL