Nancy Coburn

Nancy Coburn

Wetumpka, AL

Telescope(s):  Interested in buying a fairly simple light weight telescope

Area(s) of special interest:  Enjoying the beauty of dark skies

Optional Information

1. Are you a seasoned amateur astronomer or just getting into the hobby? 
Just getting started

2. What was your first experience that attracted you to astronomy? 
Identifying the Big Dipper and Orion as a teen-ager

3. Tell us a little about your family members; spouse? kids? siblings? significant other? 
Married to Roland Coburn - one grown daughter

4. Can you tell us a little about your formal education? 
B.S. Auburn University, 1971

5. Do you have any pets? What kind?  How Many? 

One dog
6. Where do you work? If you're retired, what was your occupation?   If you're still in school, have you chosen a career? 
Self-employed - writer designer

7. Besides astronomy, what  other hobbies do you enjoy? 
Sewing, gardening, reading,cooking, Auburn football (season tickets)

8. What was your first or favorite car? 
Impala when I was a senior in college

9. What was your first or most interesting job? 
First job - teaching school

10. Tell us about your favorite vacation. 

11. Have you ever lived in some other part of the U.S. or another country?  Where?  When? 

12. Would it be OK to publish this information in Astrofiles and to create a "Vita" page for you on the AAS web site? 

13. This is your space. Tell us anything else about yourself that you'd like to share.