Blondheim Star Gaze

Rick Evans said that Mr. Blondheim expressed interest in having a facility for Montgomery that would be home to a state-of-the-art planetarium and/or observatory.  Rick asked that we do a star gaze for the Blondheim's and their friends at their home, on Thrusday evening, May 4.   This could be a really nice thing for Montgomery.  

Thanks to the AAS volunteers for this event:
Ben Wouters - C-11 CPC
Russell Whigham  - C-11
Patrick Moylan  - EXT125
Aaron Wilson  - 8-inch Meade LX90
Jim McLaughlin - 8-inch Meade LX200
Wayne Martin and Jeane Hafer Meade ETX 70 and 5-inch Schmidt-Newtonian

Photo byAaron Wilson