Auburn Astronomical Society

Tape and DVD Library

As a benefit of membership in AAS, members have access to the society's tape and DVD library.  Members should make arrangements for checking out these videos with AAS vice-president and program chairman, Allen Screws.  Videos will be loaned on a first come, first serve basis, with official AAS functions having the highest priority.  There is a limit of 2 items at a time, for no more than 2 weeks, unless special arrangements are made.  Select from the videos below:

Cosmos Lecture series -- 4 tapes (50 Mins. each)
What makes the Big Bang
Milky Way’s Invisible Light
Wimps vs Machos
Digital Universe
Made for Mars – Mars Pathfinder Story

Comet Odyssey – Comet Hyakutake Photography

The Planets series (~1 hour each)

 Life Beyond the Sun
 Different Worlds – Creation of Solar System
 Terra Firma
Life Beyond Earth (~ 2 hours)

Aurora (1 hour)

Meteorites  (2, 1 hour tapes)

Time Travel

Mysteries of the Universe (1, 2 hour tape)

Telescope Building with John Dobson

Understanding the Universe

Jupiter (Planets series)

Solar Max – Imax Film (DVD)

Wheels on Mars (DVD)

Eyes on Mars (DVD)

Searching for Super Stars

Danger!  Solar Storm

Comet Hunters/Asteroid Seekers (DVD)

Atlas of the Sky (DVD)

Mystery Moon (Titon/Cassini-Huygens), 2006 DVD (1 hour)

The Ghost Particle (Neutrinos) NOVA, 2006 DVD (1 hour)

Exploring Space: The Quest for Life  Episode 101, 2006 DVD (1 hour)

Monster of the Milky Way:  (Black Holes) NOVA, 2006 (1 hour)

Seeing in the Dark, Timothy Ferris (amateur astronomy) 2007 DVD (1 hour)

The Hundred Year Hunt for the Red Sprite, 2009 DVD (1 hour)

400 Years of the Telescope, 2009 DVD (1 hour)

40-tape Astronomy Lecture Course, Understanding the Universe:  An Introduction to Astronomy, presented by Professor Alex Filippenko, University of California at Berkeley

PART I Unlocking the Secrets to the Heavens 

Lecture 1 A Grand Tour of the Cosmos
Lecture 2 Journey Through Space and Time 
Lecture 3 Light – The Supreme
Lecture 4 The Fingerprints of Atoms 
Lecture 5 Tools of the Trade
Lecture 6 Space Telescopes and the Celestial Spheres Informant 
Lecture 7 Our Sun – The Nearest Star 
Lecture 8 Lunar Phases and Glorious Eclipses

PART II Unlocking the Secrets to the Heavens (continued)

Lecture 9 The Early History of Astronomy 
Lecture 10 The Copernican Revolution 
Lecture 11 On the Shoulders of Giants 
Lecture 12 One Small Step – The Earth and Moon 
Lecture 13 Paradise Lost – Venus and Mars 
Lecture 14 Planetary Behemoths – Jupiter and Saturn 
Lecture 15 Distant Worlds and Solar-System Debris 
Lecture 16 Comets and Catastrophic Collisions

PART III The Stars and Their Lives 

Lecture 17 Distant Suns 
Lecture 18 Social Stars – Binaries and Clusters 
Lecture 19 Nature’s Nuclear Reactors 
Lecture 20 The Fate of Our Sun 
Lecture 21 Exploding Stars – Celestial Fireworks! 
Lecture 22 The Corpses of Massive Stars 
Lecture 23 Hearts of Darkness 
Lecture 24 The Quest for Black Holes 

PART IV A Universe of Galaxies 

Lecture 25 Starting at Home – The Milky Way 
Lecture 26 One Giant Leap – Other Galaxies 
Lecture 27 The Dark Side of Matter 
Lecture 28 The Birth and Life of Galaxies 
Lecture 29 Quasars – Cosmic Powerhouses 
Lecture 30 In the Belly of the Beast 
Lecture 31 Are We Alone?  The Search Begins 
Lecture 32 Communicating with Extraterrestrials

PART V The Birth and Life of the Universe 

Lecture 33 The Expansion of the Universe 
Lecture 34 The Age of the Universe 
Lecture 38 In the Beginning
Lecture 35 The Geometry and Fate of the Universe 
Lecture 36 Einstein’s Biggest Blunder? 
Lecture 37 Echoes of the Big Bang 
Lecture 39 The Ultimate Free Lunch? 
Lecture 40 A Universe of Universes