Peach State Star Gaze 
Hosted by The Atlanta Astronomy Club



Ken Poshedly is the organizer, event chairman, and 
master of ceremonies for the Peach State Star Gaze. 

"Kenpo" on the observing field greeting an early arrival.

The dining hall/meeting room. Full kitchen facilities are available to those wishing to use them.

Rex's Astro Stuff has a large selection of astronomy related items 

The dining hall also serves as the location for the Saturday lectures and demonstrations

Allen and Robert with Tippy D'Auria

Robert with Michael Covington, author of Astrophotography for the Amateur and his "Barn-Door" tracking device.

Russell, Elaine, Judy, Sherri, and Robert

Scott Thompson and his 7" Astrophysics

Ricky Wood and his 8 inch Meade SCT

Buell Mills, his C-11, Sam Stott

Russell, Sherri, Tippy, & Robert

Art Russell, ?,?, Sherri, & Robert

Sherri, Robert and Judy

Scenes from the Observing Field