Directions to  Hart's Field Observing Site

This site served as the Auburn Astronomical Society's dark-sky observing for most of the '90's and  is located in the northeastern corner of Elmore County near Kowaliga, on Lake Martin. Conveniently located for our members who live in the Montgomery and Auburn areas, the site is approximately a 45 minute drive from both and accessible by paved roads.

However, Holley's field that has been sold.  Paul McKee spoke with one of the new owners, Bart Hart, and was told that we're are welcome to use "The Field Formerly Known As Holley's", hereafter refered to as Hart's Field (not to be confused with a rather large airport in our neighboring state) until about January, when they plan to begin construction soon.    He only asks that we not leave a mess,  which has always been our policy.

The skies at Hart's Field are quite good. On clear nights, naked-eye limiting magnitude is 5.7 or better. The impact of light pollution is minimal.

Latitude: 32d, 41.680m
Longitude: -85d, 59.466m

1. This large scale map of east central Alabama should 
help in finding your way from surrounding cities. 
2. From Eclectic, proceed north on ALA HWY 63. 
3. Pass Cotton's B-B-Q just past mile marker 9. 

4. At mile marker 11, turn right onto county road 357. 

5. Check your odomoter and go 1 mile. 

6. The open field on the left is the observing field. 

7. Look for the reflectors on the left side of the road.

We set up the telescopes on the knoll of the hill.

Please park your vehicles headed back toward the entrance in order to minimize headlight trauma for those staying later.

If you arrive after dark, try to be careful with your headlights. It takes several minutes to recover from a blast of lights in the eyes and some folks may be taking long exposure photographs. It's not a capital offense so if you have to use them go ahead. We'd rather lose night vision for a few minutes that have someone drive over the telescopes.