Family Science Night

On January 26, 2002, Rick Evans and his staff at the W. A. Gayle Planetarium in cooperation with the Montgomery County Schools, and the Challenger Center for Space Science Education, hosted Family Science Night. 

At Rick’s request, we set up the telescopes on the lawn in front of the planetarium for the visitors.  We had planned for the viewing to follow the program inside, but because more people showed up for the event than the planetarium would seat, we were pressed into service early to accommodate the overflow crowd. 

Special thanks to all who came out to help:

10-inch LX50 Meade SCT, John Williams (AAS)
10-inch Dobsonian, Mike Brown (AAS) 
8-inch Dobsonian, Tom and Julie McGowan (AAS) 
8-inch Meade LX200, Jim McLaughlin (AAS) 
8-inch Celestron SCT, Jim and Diane Locke (AAS) 
11-inch Celestron SCT, Russell Whigham (AAS) 
8-inch Meade SCT, Rick Fanning (AAS & planetarium staff) 
5-inch Orion Starmax 127 Mak-Cassegrain, Gail Smitherman (AAS)

Also there representing AAS were Jim McLaughlin, Mark Brown, and Bob Cook.  About 8:30, we were rewarded with a complete “ring-around-the Moon”, compliments of the ice crystals in the cirrus clouds above.