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This is the place to advertise your telescope, accessories, software, books, or anything else astronomical for sale or trade. Need something you don't see here? It goes here too. Simply e-mail a complete description of the items for sale or wanted to buy, to the Astronomical Exchange and it will be listed here. If you can attach a JPG or GIF image, even better. This is also the place to have an ad removed.

For Sale, Wanted, or Trade

For Sale
10-inch Meade Classic LX200R $1400 
This is a combination of a Meade Classic LX200 fork drive and an LX200R OTA. I bought the OTA new several years ago and mounted it on the fork that I got on AstroMart. I havenít ever completely aligned the OTA to the mount properly but its worked out well for me anyway. Iíve had plenty of use from it and now its time to reduce my number of telescopes. Some slight scratches on the blue paint from handling. Optics are in great shape, some dust specks on the corrector, Ill let you clean it with your preferred method. 

Included are: 

  • LX200 Classic Fork Mount w/v3.34L Firmware 
  • LX200R 10" UHTC OTA w/Bobs Knobs (OTA was $1800 new) 
  • Hand Pad w/cord, Firmware v3.21 
  • Counterweight 
  • 120VAC/18VDC Power Supply 
  • 12VDC/18VDC Power Supply 
  • Zero Image Shift Microfocuser 
  • Dec Motor Cord 
  • PC RS-232 interface cord 
  • AstroZap Aluminum Dew Shield w/Bag 
  • Instruction Manual 

New Meade LX200 Classic Hand Pad $125 
I bought this as a spare several years ago and have never used it. Firmware v3.21. Iíve plugged it in to make sure it works but thatís it. The protective plastic has not been removed from the display and the sticker with the menus has never been applied. This will be offered first to the buyer of the scope, then sold separately if its not desired. 

If I don't sell this together, I will be splitting up the OTA and the mount and selling them separately. 


August Johnson

For Sale
Orion XT8
Please believe it is really hard to write this email. I must part with my Beautiful Telescope.  It is in great condition save for a layer of dust. I just had her out the other night touring the moon with the kids.  She has a spotter scope and Telrad mounted but otherwise untouched. I have never cleaned the mirrors nor attempted to dismantle her. She is as she was when delivered. I even have the original shipping boxes.
Sanmiguel, Raul

For Sale

by Tom McGowan
334-285-7117 evenings or cell, 334-546-5622

  • 12.5-inch, f5 and f/6 Swayze optics
  • 2-inch JMI Crayford focuser model NGF-3
  • ProtoStar spider/diagonal and  9-point mirror cell
  • Truss tubes covered with heat-shrink protective anti-glare coating
  • No-tools  diagonal collimation thumbscrews
  • No-tools primary collimation thumbscrews
  • Integrated 4-position filter slide
  • Adjustable Altitude Bearing to compensate for eyepieces of different weights
  • "Wheelbarrow" transport handles
  • Heated diagonal with LED pilot 
  • Primary cooling fan
  • Ebony Star on Teflon bearings
  • Nesting of all three components (Rocker box, Mirror box, and Upper cage) for compact portability
  • Dovetail joined mahogany stained Ĺ-inch Birch plywood
  • Go-To encoder ready axes

More images at MidnighTelescopes
Astromart Ad

Draco Productions 
Pensacola FL

  For Sale

Orion SkyQuest XT6 Classic

Item: Literally like new (never used, but a couple of years old; still have original packing!) Orion SkyQuest XT6 Classic Dobsonian telescope, $200 (compare to new over $300). 

Description: an excellent entry-level telescope for students, middle schoolers, teens, young adults or adults just getting into astronomy. With its big 150mm diameter parabolic primary mirror the XT6 collects nearly 80% more light than a 4.5" reflector, rendering brighter images and greater detail in deep-sky nebulas and star clusters. The 1200mm focal length gives the scope ample power to zoom in on subtle planetary and lunar features. The 45"-long enameled-steel optical tube glides on the wood base. You just point the scope and view! Orion-engineered CorrecTension springs keep the tube balanced to perfection and allow the whole unit to be carried together by the handle on the base. The XT6 is outfitted with a 1.25" rack-and-pinion focuser, an EZ Finder II reflex sight, collimation cap, and 25mm Sirius Plossl eyepieces. The mirror is center-marked for precise collimation. Original box and cover included. 


  • Orion 25mm Plossl Eyepiece (49X providing 0.92 Degree Field of View) 
  • Orion 9mm Plossl Eyepiece (136X providing 0.36 Degree Field of View) 
  • Orion 6x30mm Finderscope with Mounting Bracket 
  • Collimation cap to aid collimation of the telescope mirrors 
  • Eyepiece Holder 
  • Plastic snap-on OTA Cover 


  • Adjustable Friction, Altitude Bearings 
  • Low-mass molded molded expertly finished Primary Mirror made of "Ultraplex", a type of plate glass marketed for optical use 
  • Primary and secondary mirrors are aluminized 
  • Over coated with a transparent Silicon Monoxide protective coating assuring good longevity 
  • Unique adjustable Mirror Cell to support the Primary Mirror 
  • Durable aluminized mirror coatings 
  • Optics hand finished and tested on a 125 line Ronchi 
  • Silky smooth cast and machined aluminum 1.25" diameter Rack & Pinion Focuser 
  • Focuser Lock 
  • Convenient "Navigation Knob/Grip" on the optical tube. 
  • Convenient grip/carrying handle on the Base. 
  • XT6 Telescope Specifications: 
  • Maximum Height Overall:  50 inches (with lens cover)
  • Maximum Height to The Eyepiece: 45 inches 
  • Length of Optical Tube Assembly: 45 inches (with lens cover)
  • O.A. Diameter of Optical Tube Front Cell: 7.2 inches (182.6 mm)
  • Weight of Optical Tube Assembly: 13 lbs.
  • Weight of Carriage: 24 lbs.

Effective Light Gathering Power:  about 350x that of human eye

Reason for selling:  do not have time to adequately use this excellent telescope (itís been unused since purchase several years ago) and want an astronomy buff/hobbyist to benefit.  My daughter is into horses, not the stars, and my husbandís schedule doesnít offer him time to enjoy this telescope.  Itís time for it to have a new, loving home!

Serious inquiries only, please.  Am NOT interested in trade. 

For information, please contact Sandi at 334-318-1405 or email me at

August 2009

For Sale

I have a 10 inch f/6 mirror made by OMI (Optical Mechanics Inc). OMI makes mirrors for the Obsession TelescopesÖso they have to be goodÖmore like excellent. I paid OMI $900.00 to make this mirror for me. You may view the test data at:

I am not having much luck selling this mirror onlineÖso thought I would simply notify various clubs to see if there might be some interest. I am willing to accept a reasonable offer for the mirror. 
thm33578(at) verizon (dot) net

Ted Mishkit
Riverview, FL
May  2009

For Sale

I would like to let the group know I am parting out a Meade LX 50, 8". Everything but the tube itself. Also a complete setup of Lumicon digital setting circles. You input the RA. and Dec. and it will put you on your target. 

David McConnell

January  2009

For Sale

Meade 8-inch  LX90 with a large variety of add-ons for the scope. Wide field adaptor, lenses, heater, dew cover, internet adaptor cable to update the data base and a few other things. 

Rick Allen 334-728-1714 or

August  2008

For Sale

8-inch Meade LX200 EMC It is in great shape I will throw in all the eyepieces that I have. 
If it will bring $1000 that would be great I will take a little less for a fast sale. 

Shane Bledsoe 

May 2008

For Sale
  • 8 inch Celestron SCT on a fork mount 
  • Built in 9 volt tracking/drive system 
  • 8 by 50 polar finder
  • Telrad unity finder
  • f /6.3 telecompressor
  • Ultima 30 mm Plossl, 
  • Ultima 15 mm  wide angle
  • Ultima 7.5 mm  Plossl
  • Photographic extension tube
  • Electric focuser

The scope was sold as a PowerStar 8 but is the same as several of the other Schmidt scopes.

Robert Rock,
December 2006

For Sale
  • 10 inch Meade Starfinder Equatorial Newtonian scope.- with  motor drive 
  • Weight: 97lbs. 
  • Focal length 1140mm. ratio f/4/5 
  • Bought in 1997 from Pocono Mountain  Optics 
  • Universal Wheeley bars 
  • Collimator bought in 2005 
  • Garage kept
Gail Smitherman
July 2006

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