Hello Astrophiles,

July Meeting Date Changed:

I'm sure most of you have received Allen Screw's Spring-Summer '96 edition
of the AAS newsletter by now, but for those who may not be on his mailing
list, this month's meeting has been shifted to the *SECOND* Friday, July 12,
to avoid possible conflicts with the Fourth of July weekend.  If you'd like
to be included on the printed edition newsletter list, reply here to me with
your address and I'll see that it gets to Allen.  Thanks for another great
job, Allen.

Star Parties:

The June star party fell victim to a hot, muggy, hazy, night with only
second magnitude stars visible. The dewpoint was in the upper 70's.  Calls
from Robert Rock and Jim McLaughlin resulted in our talking each other out
of going.  So far, July seems to be at least as bad.  But, just in case we
get a decent night, the July star party is scheduled for Saturday, the 13th.
This is the day after our regular meeting, so maybe we'll have a pretty good
idea of what kind of sky conditions to expect by then.

New Business:

At last month's meeting, we decided to authorize Allen to purchase some
video tapes for future programs.  And speaking of programs, if there's a
topic on which you have some expertise, just let Rhon or Allen know.  The
VCR needs a vacation too.

The AAS Home Page:

I've received some very kind words about our modest little web presence.
Since the debut, I've added a link to John Shaw's astrophotography site.  If
anyone else has some photos they'd like to see on the web, just send the
.GIF or .JPG files to me and I'll add them as well.  It doesn't have to be
an astrophotograph; a shot of you and your telescope would be great.
Perhaps a group photo is in the future.  I've also changed the link to the
"Telescope FAQ's" to a hypertext version.  There's also an "Accessories"
link to another FAQ on "Gadgets and Thingys".  If you've not visited our web
site yet, see the URL at the end of this message.  I've submitted our page
to Yahoo and Lycos.  Both say it will be several weeks before we're added to
their lists.  We are on the "Montgomery Area Online Information Site" link
under "Hobbies and Special Interest" and I submitted a request for a link
from WSFA's page, but have not heard from them.

Hope to see everyone at the meeting,


Russell Whigham
Montgomery AL

Auburn Astronomical Society