Greetings, All

Just a quick reminder about the April meeting, this Friday, 8:00 pm, room
302 in the Aerospace Building.
Bring your comet photos.

I'm afraid I'll have to miss this one.  My wife Cathy suffered a skiing
accident and had to have surgery on her knee.  She's fine but we'll be
bringing her home from the hospital in Birmingham, Friday.

Since our last post here regarding the comet party, I've heard from several
folks on the list who had comet parties of their own.  Rhon had several
visitors from "town" to visit his dark-sky site -- out his back door.  He
reports all were duely impressed.

Jim Chesnutt had the best excuse of all.  He is THE tape expert for JPL and
was in Pasadena as a consultant for the problems experienced with the
Galileo tape/drive.  Sounds like and interesting idea for a future AAS
program ( hint, hint).

Rod Mollise wrote to give reports on Hyakutake observations from Mobile.
Appearently, everyone had a good look at this one.

E-mail address Changes:

Robert has converted to MindSpring.  "TheRocks " is an allusion to his
family, not necessarily where he likes his drinks.  Visitor, Dan Overcash,
has been added to the list since last time.  We look forward to having him
back again.

PSSG '96:

Only two more weeks 'til the Peach State Star Gaze near Jackson GA.  If
you're not up to an entire weekend of astronomy, you should at least drive
over for the day Saturday (April 20).  It's only a couple of hours from
Auburn.  So far Jim McLaughlin and I are going for sure, and David Newton
has expressed interest.  If you need additional information, contact Ken
Poshedly, event coordinator (see address above).  We'll have a full report
following the Gaze.

Russell Whigham