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June 2013

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Events Calendar

We’ll hold our monthly meeting on Friday, June 7, at 7:45PM, in room 215 of Davis Hall, the Aerospace Engineering Building. 

Our new moon star party this month will be on Saturday, June 8, at Cliff Hill’s farm.

Jun 06, ISS rises in SW at 8:30PM CDT, passes overhead at 8:32.
Jun 07,  Monthly meeting in room 215 of Davis Hall
Jun 08, Dark-sky star party at Cliff Hill’s farm
Jun 21, Summer solstice
July 24 – 27, Astronomical League Convention in Atlanta

Web Links

Unless you’ve been in a cave for the past month you’ve probably already seen this, but just in case, here’s a revised version of David Bowie's Space Oddity (Ground Control to Major Thom), recorded by Commander Chris Hadfield on board the International Space Station.  <>

The bar has been raised for amateur planetary astro-imaging.  Check out this May 25, image of Saturn with its polar hexagon by Christopher Go <>

From Larry Owsley:

Childhood photos of famous astronomers

Google searches — we still have our work cut out for us:

Observatory altitudes:

Now we know why Neil Armstrong was in such a hurry to get down the ladder.

Member News

Wes Schwarz had made some mods to his DSLR and is already producing great results.  Check out Wes’ image on the AAS Facebook page.  Thanks to Robert Fuller managing the site and posting our event reminders.

Jim McLaughlin has completed the observations and submitted the required documentation for the Astronomical League’s Asteroid Observing Program.  See the requirements for this and the other League observing programs at

Hope to see everyone at the meeting,