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January 2012

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Events Calendar

We’ll hold our January meeting on Friday, January 7, at 7:45PM, in room 215 of Davis Hall, the Aerospace Engineering Building.   I’ll need to sit this one out – visiting grandchildren trump astronomy meetings. 

January 6, Monthly meeting 7:45PM, in room 215 of Davis Hall.
January 21, Star Party at Cliff Hill’s farm


AAS memberships ($20.00/$10.00 for full-time students) are due in January. Make checks payable to “Auburn Astronomical Society”.  Families are covered with a single membership.  If you’re unable to attend our January meeting, mail your dues to: 

Auburn Astronomical Society 
c/o John B. Zachry, treasurer 
501 Summerfield Road 
West Point, GA 31833 
Your dues allow us to purchase DVDs for programs, continue our affiliation with the Astronomical League, and to buy, upgrade, and maintain our loaner scope program and tape/DVD library. 
We’ve never made a big deal about membership and encourage “AAS friends” to attend and participate in meetings, star parties, and public events.  But, there are a few benefits restricted to members: 
• Discounts on purchases from Oceanside Photo & Telescope
• Discounts on subscriptions for Astronomy and Sky & Telescope  magazines 
• Access to the society's extensive video tape, book, and DVD library
• Access to the society's Loaner Scopes
• Because the Auburn Astronomical Society is affiliated with the Astronomical League  members are entitled to enjoy all of the benefits afforded to League members, including observing programs and quarterly issues of The Reflector.

If this will be your first time to join,  please print out the Membership Application form, and include it with your check.  We need your address to ensure that you’ll receive your Reflector

Special thanks to those members who do not attend on a regular basis but still want to help us out by paying AAS their membership dues. 

Georgia Sky View 2012


I'd like to formally invite you back to Jackson Ga. for Georgia Sky View 2012, held March 22-25 at Camp McIntosh of Indian Springs state park.  As always we'll have speakers, twilight activities, pot luck dinner and more!  The link to the website is attached and if you have any questions at all feel free to contact me as or call 706-540-3762.

Here's to a great 2012!  Let's make this years event one for the ages!

Steve Knight
Coordinator, Georgia Sky View 2012

Member News

Please welcome to the mail list: Scott J.K. Carnahan, in Auburn and Steve Slocum, in Montgomery. 

Mark Moe wrote that he had moved and changed his e-mail address, but only the old address was included.  So Mark, if you’re reading this on the Web page, please send me your new e-mail. 

Former AAS member, Mack Acheson, wrote to wish us a merry Christmas and sent this link for locating dark-sky sites: 

Larry Owsley sends this 2012 year in preview for astronomical events.

Chad Ellington sends this reminder of the impact crater lecture and tour:  Found out that the Wetumpka Civic Center is hosting events concerning the local impact crater on Feb 2-4. Dr King's lecture is Thurs Feb 2 at 7pm. Friday Feb 3 has crater tours for school students...reservations required. Sat Feb 4 has $20 pre-tour lectures followed by van tours of the crater itself ... reservations required for slots of 8:30am, 9:30am, 10:30am, Noon or 1pm tours available. has details in the events calendar or simply contact Tiffany Robinson via (334) 567-5147 or

Happy 2012,