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July 2011

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Events Calendar

We’ll hold our July meeting on Friday, July 8, at 7:45PM, in room 215 of Davis Hall, the Aerospace Engineering Building.*   Riders from the Montgomery area are welcome to meet at the home of Russell Whigham, 518 Seminole Dr., and carpool over to Auburn.  Plan to be ready to leave for Auburn at 6:45PM. 

We’ll resume our dark-sky star parties in the fall.

July 7 First Quarter moon passes seven degrees south of Saturn in evening sky
July 15 Full Moon, the hay or thunder moon
July 20 Mercury at GEE, 27 degrees east of Sun in evening sky
July 23 Last quarter moon passes five degrees north of Jupiter in morning sky
July 27 Waning crescent moon passes one degree south of Mars in morning twilight
July 30 New moon
Aug. 4 Waxing crescent moon passes seven degrees south of Saturn
Aug. 19 Ft. Pickens Gaze, Moon passes north of Jupiter in morning sky
Aug. 21 Last Quarter moon
Aug. 22 Neptune at opposition (It has now completed an orbit of the Sun since discovery)
Aug. 29 New Moon

*Road Closure

NOTE: The City of Auburn and Auburn University have joined together to make improvements on West Magnolia Avenue from College Street to Donahue Drive. The project consists of constructing seven stamped-concrete crosswalks where the current stripped crosswalks are located. As part of the project there will be two landscaped islands, one near Cox Street and the other near Wright Street. The work should begin the week of July 5th and is expected to be completed before the first Auburn University home football game.   For customer service concerns please contact Patrick Slaughter at 501-3100 or at or contact Cathy Love at 844-9579 or at

What this means is that one lane will be closed on Magnolia (where we enter the Aerospace parking lot).  Wright Street may be our best bet.

Web Links

Everything you ever wanted to know about eyepieces

Just in case you haven’t stumbled across KAHN Academy video tutorials, <>, you may enjoy these astronomy related sessions:

From John Zachry:   Any plans for August 21, 2017?

Here is one more stunning image of Jupiter from Brian Combs:

From Andy CamerioSpace Station Found on Mars?
Amateur astronomer finds space station. Watch the video at the bottom of the page. station-found-on-Mars.html

Editor’s note: I'm not too sure what to make of this, but my first guess would be that the pranksters at Google added that little Easter egg.  When Google Moon first came out, if you zoomed all the way in, it showed an image of a piece of cheese. 
From Jim Larduskey via Dr. Wayne Wooten, EAAA in Pensacola:
Different take on nighttime photography:

And while we are at it, how about some great pics of the ISS from space

Hope to see everyone at the meeting,