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February 2011

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Events Calendar

We’ll hold our February meeting on Friday, February 4, at 7:45PM, in room 215 of Davis Hall, the Aerospace Engineering Building.   Riders from the Montgomery area are welcome to meet at the home of Russell Whigham, 518 Seminole Dr., and carpool over to Auburn.  Plan to be ready to leave for Auburn at 6:45PM. 

Our new moon star party this month will be on Saturday, February 26, at Cliff Hill’s farm

February 03, New Moon
February 04, Monthly meeting 7:45PM, in room 215 of Davis Hall.
February 07, Waxing crescent moon passes 6 degrees north of Jupiter in evening sky
February 11, First quarter moon, 
February 18, Full Moon, the Hunger Moon
February 21, Waning gibbous moon passes 7 degrees south of Saturn, rising at 10 PM
February 24, Last quarter moon
February 26, Star Party at Cliff Hill’s farm 
March 01, Waning crescent moon passes 1.6 degrees north of Venus in dawn sky
March 04, Monthly meeting 7:45PM, in room 215 of Davis Hall.
March 04, New Moon
March 06, Waxing crescent moon passes 6 degrees north of Jupiter, low in SW
March 13, First quarter moon, spring forward Sunday to CDT
March 15, Mercury passes 2 degrees north of Jupiter in evening twilight
March 19, Full Moon, the Grass Moon
March 20, Vernal Equinox; spring begins at 6:21 PM CDT, moon 7 deg. S. of Saturn
March 23, Mercury at GEE, 19 degrees east of sun in evening sky
March 26, Last quarter moon
March 31, Waning crescent moon passes 6 degrees north of Venus in dawn


We currently have twelve members who are current on their 2011 membership dues.  If it’s just slipped your mind, enclose a check payable to Auburn Astronomical Society -- $20.00 for Regular Membership. Full-Time Student Membership is $10.00, and send to: 

Auburn Astronomical Society 
c/o John B. Zachry 
501 Summerfield Road 
West Point, GA 31833 
If you thought you had paid for 2011, but don't see your name listed in blue on the AAS Members page, contact AAS treasurer, John B. Zachry to resolve the discrepancy.
Cub Scout Stargaze
On Saturday evening, January 29 we combined our monthly dark-site star party with a long over due stargaze for Amy McKay's Opelika Cub Scouts, at Cliff Hill’s farm.  Attending were: 

Alan Cook (3.5-inch Questar and 20x100 binoculars), Jeff Crawford (CPC-11 and 10-inch Dobsonian), Jim McLaughlin (8-inch Meade LX200), Russell Whigham (C-11)
Chuck Lewis (green laser pointer), Aniket Shirgaokar and his wife, first time visitors John and Dorothy Ziegler, and about ten 8 - 11 year-old cub scouts, eagar to earn their astronomy belt-loops.  The requirements included:

• Set up and demonstrate how to focus a simple telescope or binoculars.
• Explain how to use a star map.
• Find at least 1 planet and identify it.
• Find and identify  5 constellations..
• Find the North Star. Explain its importance.
• Interview an astronomer. This person may be a professional or an amateur astronomer from a local astronomy club.
• Visit a planetarium or a local astronomy club. 

With all of their goals met, they should all be wearing their astronomy belt-loops soon.  Thanks to Amy for being so patient with us while we waited for the right night.

Web Links

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Hope to see everyone at the meeting,