Auburn Astronomical Society

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Our Next Meeting   
    07:45PM - Monthly meeting in room 215 of Davis Hall
The Auburn Astronomical Society will have a regular club meeting this coming Friday, October 5, 2018. We will be meeting at our usual location - Room 215 of Davis Hall (Aerospace Engineering) on the AU campus. Meeting time is 7:45 PM CT.

Upcoming Public Stargazes

Scheduled Events at Wind Creek State Park:

Saturday, September 15, 2018 Star Gaze Wind Creek State Park

For the latest on coverage of our events, see the latest edition of the Astrofiles newsletter.

Calendar of Events for 2018

As was mentioned in the November newsletter, we have been considering some possible changes in our meeting schedule and meeting formats. We discussed these ideas further at the December 1st meeting and have decided on a tentative schedule for 2018. Instead of having monthly meetings, we are going to try having five meetings in 2018, beginning in February. We also discussed some possible changes in the formats of the meetings themselves. One idea that was proposed was to possibly have the April meeting on Astronomy Day, which is on Saturday, April 21, 2018. Traditionally, we have always assisted the Gayle Planetarium in Montgomery with this event, and it may be possible for us to have a brief meeting at the Planetarium prior to the start of the events. Of course, arrangements will need to be worked out with the Planetarium staff to see if this would be possible.

Another possible idea discussed for the June meeting would be to have a combination cookout/star gaze at Wind Creek State Park near Alexander City, AL. This could also be on a Saturday to make it more convenient for those that cannot make it to a weekday meeting.

We can either secure a speaker/ presenter or arrange to have a field trip to some nearby astronomy/space related facility. We are open for any and all suggestions on some possible meeting topics or ideas. If you know of someone that can come and do a talk or presentation on an interesting topic, please let us know. If you know of an interesting place in our area that would be of interest to the members, let us know about it as well. What topics would you like to learn more about at the meetings? We really need feedback from you to help us improve our meeting experience. You can send me your ideas, comments, etc. to the e-mail at the beginning of the newsletter. As you can see, we have not yet determined specific dates for the proposed meetings with the exception of the possible April Astronomy Day event. This will give us the flexibility to come up with some different and hopefully more interesting activities. Of course, for those meetings that are held in our usual meeting location on the AU campus, we can always adhere to the first Friday schedule unless it conflicts with some activity in Auburn such as home football games.
Our initial focus will be to firm up plans for the February 2018 meeting. We will then make sure that all of the members are notified well in advance by newsletter, e-mail reminder and our Facebook and web pages. We look forward to an interesting 2018!