AAS 35-Year Anniversary Dinner

Photos by Gloria & Robert Rock and Russell Whigham

We changed our regular meeting place for our September 2015 meeting to Niffer's on the Tracks in Opelika.  About 20 society members and friends were in attendance to celebrate the 35 year anniversary of the Auburn Astronomical Society. 

After we had finished our meals, AAS president, Allen Screws, made a few announcements about our upcoming stargazes before turning the floor over to Rhon Jenkins for his presentation on "Advances in Technology Over the Past 35 Years".  Rhon used the society's newly acquired digital projector with his PowerPoint presentation.  Rhon had arranged for us to have a private room.  That's the good news.  The bad news was that our private room was separated from the one-man-band adjacent to us by a loosely woven curtain.  Between songs, the CSX diesel locomotive horns one hundred feet away, took up the slack. Ever the professional, Rhon yelled his talk at almost the same level as the amplified guitar and vocals in the main dining area of the restaurant.  I hope we can talk Rhon into giving that program again with less acoustical competition.  Many thanks to Rhon for the hours of preparation and scintillating wit that went into his talk that we all enjoyed.

  Full screen online slide show