20 - Year Anniversary

On September 9, 2000, upwards of forty members and friends of the Auburn Astronomical Society met at the Good Ol' Boy's restaurant for an evening of good food, and fellowship, nostalgia, and the latest findings on the Wetumpka Meteor Crater by Dr. David T. King Jr.

Following the meal, we reminisced as we viewed slides of the early days of the society. These included scenes from our Astronomy Day events at the Village Mall, and the public star parties at Chewacla Park, the May 30, 1984 annular eclipse, the construction, completion, and dedication of the Moore's Meadow Observatory, and our ten-year anniversary banquet. The images on the screen only slightly resembled a few of us now -- apparently trimmer waistlines and darker hair was in vogue in the eighties.


Following the slide show, Dr. King presented the results of his work taking the core samples at the rebound point (central peak to us astronomers) that revealed the elusive shocked quartz -- proof that this is, in fact, a meteor crater. We also learned that a model of a shallow sea covering the impact site would match the evidence found during the drilling. The shallow sea was hypothesized earlier. Now there's evidence.

Special thanks go to Rhon & Joyce Jenkins for the hours of planning and preparation to make our anniversary celebration a resounding success.